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Taiyo Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a company dealing with product planning, manufacturing, retailing, export and import. In additioin to our original products, we are also dealing with products of other companies and individuals. If you are interested in Japanese products, then feel free to contact us!

Taiyo Enterprise is aiming to provide excellent products to our customers and help them add something fun and/or exciting to their daily lifestyles.

Samples of Our Business
- Music CDs ..... We are importing music CDs from Latin America.
- Metal Fittings & Metalworks ..... We are exporting metal fittings and metalworks.
- Books & Magazines ..... We are exporting Japanese books and magazines.
- Toys ..... We are exporting and importing toys for children.
- Wood Products ..... We are exporting and importing wood products.
- Used Car & Motorcycles ..... We are exporting Japanese used cars and motorcycles.

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